Buörrie båhtieme, welcome!

”A sparkling adventure from mountain to sea, with a diversity of nature and culture as a basis for development and a source of experiences and good quality of life!”

Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka is a candidate to be nominated as a biosphere reserve within UNESCO´s Man and the Biosphere Programme. In March 2018, the application was submitted to the Swedish programme committee  and the decision that they would recommend us to the government came short thereafter. Now the English version is ready to be submitted to the MAB Secretariat in Paris. 

You will find the online version of our UNESCO application here: Vindelalven/Juhtatdahka application Unesco

Annex to the application: Annex 2-15 Vindelalven-Juhtatdahka

Biosphere reserves are places in the world with high cultural and natural values where active initiatives for sustainable development are already in motion. In these areas we are developing sustainable strategies for the future, both ecologically, economically and socially. For the people who live now and for generations to come.

We consist of a board, a coordinator, a communicator and a lot of engaged people, from the mountains to the coast! Together we work for a common sustainable future for Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka.


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