Our work

What do we do in Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka?
To candidate to become a Biosphere reserve essentially means two things; On the one hand, we will write a Biosphere application and, on the other hand, we will build up the work of our future Biosphere reserve.

To write a biosphere application
In order to become a Biosphere reserve, an application to UNESCO must be written. The application is based on a template with about 150 specific questions describing how the area looks today, biologically and culturally. It is important to describe what is already being done and what you want to do to ensure that the area meets the criteria for a biosphere reserve.

To build a Biosphere reserve
Anchorage through local involvement. The involvement of Vindel river is very large, which was already manifested during the struggle against expansion, which was carried out by the people in the valley of Vindel river and Lais river in the 60’s. This commitment continues today. There is a crisis awareness in the valley of the river, and it is believed in many ways that biosphere work should have started already 40-50 years ago and that it is now more than high time. But even if the will and commitment is present, the population is today small and in many places also older. This places demands on the forms of participation in a future Biosphere reserve.

Focus Areas
Right now, we are working to identify the areas that are most important to work with in our area. In our future Biosphere environment, we will also work on topics that concern the focus areas. More information can be found on the website in the future.

Biospherical Projects
During the candidate period, the area should, as far as possible, act as a Biosphere reserve. One way to clearly work for sustainable development of the area is to financially support new sustainable initiatives. In addition to launching sustainable activities in the area, the venture also provides spotlight on biosphere work. Interest and credibility also increase since not all money is used for the administration of biosphere candidacy, but also directly to those who live and / or work in the Biosphere reserve. In 2016, financial support for priority projects was begun. By 2017, we will continue to support sustainable projects and get a comprehensive picture of sustainable investments throughout the region, regardless of the financier.

Biosphere Ambassador Education
During the winter of 2016/17, the office is working to build the Biosphere Ambassador Education for Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka. The aim is for the education to be given in all six municipalities in 2017-2019. We are working to run the first education in October / November 2017. The more Biosphere ambassadors who talk about biosphere activities and the unique ones with the area (with family, friends, colleagues, etc.), the more the information comes.