The daily work of the Biosphere reserve candidate organization is run by project coordinator Johanna Gardeström at the Biosphere office. The office is mainly working on implementing the business plan, which in 2017 consists of continuing with the application submitted to Unesco in spring 2018 with the help of others in Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka. It also includes informing the public about the biosphere work and that Act as ”spiders in the area’s different networks” and thereby guide good ideas in the right direction. During the year, the organisation will also support a lot of projects that work with sustainable development in the area.

The work is governed by an interim board consisting of 17 ordinary members and 17 deputies. The board is responsible for focusing on strategic development issues and annually decides on the biosphere candidate’s operational plan and strategy papers, such as communication plan and development plan, and approves the activities carried out as reported in the annual report. In the preliminary study, everyone has agreed that local involvement is essential for the work of the biosphere reserve to be successful and that it is important that the board should represent the entire river valley with the activities and the people here. The conditions are very different if you live in the mountains, in the forest or on the coast.