Within Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka a large number of projects have been initiated to support sustainable development. Here we present a few.

The Nature School
The Nature School in Umeå collaborates with several schools along the Vindel River with the aim to inform about the proposed biosphere reserve Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka. They tell us about the area’s unique character, but also the importance of sustainable development. On their website, the students in the different municipalities along the river gets the opportunity to present and document their homeland. Follow their work here

To the start of the Vindel River
Ammarnäs school wants to implement a school trip for grade 4 in Sorsele, for the children to have the opportunity to come to Ammarnäs and experience the Vindel River, its tributaries, the district and how to live with and by the river in the mountain village. After the visit, students gain greater insight into their communities and that they are part of a context. They should understand the importance that we must care for our environment, what we do with the river up into the mountains affect them eventually down in the forests. Students will also meet with local entrepreneurs who can inspire them and show opportunities for future occupations and interests.