In autumn 2018 we will start up a program for Biosphere ambassadors at Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka. Our ambition is to offer our help for anyone who wants to get the chance to become ambassadors. The ambassadors have different backgrounds but common is that they want to be involved in the development of the biosphere model area for sustainable development. Ambassadors act as links in society. They provide information about the Biosphere reserve activities and reconnects us to the questions they face when meeting people in the area. In this way, we can catch up on what are the issues of interest to work with.

Ambassadors from different backgrounds helps to reach out to different organizations and different contacts. For the biosphere reserve’s ambassador it iss very important and part of the core business. The concept was developed by the Biosphere reserve Vänern Kinnekulle and has proven so effective that it spread to all Biosphere reserves in Sweden and abroad, for example in the Biosphere reserves in Canada, the Czech Republic and Finland.