1. What is a Biosphere reserve?
    A Biosphere reserve is a model area designed by UNESCO where the sustainable interaction between man and nature is in focus. We are working for a sustainable long-term development. Each Biosphere reserve is unique because they are shaped by their own local conditions.
  2. What are the objectives of a biosphere reserve?
    Preserve biological and cultural diversity. Develop communities in a sustainable manner.  Support demonstration projects, research and monitoring. Locally, we are working jointly to best implement these objectives in the area
  3. Does a Biosphere reserve add restrictions?
    No, a Biosphere reserve is in itself not restricted. What is important in a Biosphere area is that decisions are taken jointly by local stakeholders. If there is a national park or a nature reserve in the area rules may still apply. A Biosphere reserve subject does not have any restrictions on the right of public access.
  4. How will I live in a Biosphere reserve?
    The whole project is about sustainable development, and where man is an important part. Since it does not involve any restrictions, it is the potential that stands in the center and is adapted based on who you are. You are an important part of the area.
  5. Why is it good with a Biosphere reserve?
    Biosphere areas has been shown to preserve and enhance biodiversity while enriching communities economically and sustainably. One example is the wetlands in Kristianstad where sustainable investments has givenincreased financial income and conservation. In a sustainable society, no one and nothing is lost – this is what is pursued in a Biosphere reserve. Read more about the Biosphere reserves on the UNESCO website.